What to do with all those baby Teeth

The story of the creation of Life Pendants:

 After our youngest lost his last tooth early at age 9 it was a very sad moment. The tooth fairy had made her last visit. An era had ended right in front of us.  All we had left were moments in time. With much curiosity I decided to secretly contact with the tooth fairy and ask what she does with all those teeth. The tooth fairy response was “I keep them! Each tooth is kept in a secret special place. Every tooth is perfect and precious to me.” My heart was warmed with love. The tooth fairy cherished them just as much as I did. It was then that I thought, what could be done with all those teeth? What if we were to create a keep sake that could be shared with all about that special moment. It could be a special token for the one who lost their tooth or a special memory for a loved one who was there for that special day. So, I asked the tooth fairy if I too could help cherish people’s moments in time and help create a pendent to be cherished and not just stored. The tooth fairy said, "Yes, but you must have them write me a little note so that I know this is to be done.Some families have asked me to leave them their teeth behind already so all they have to do is just ask and they shall receive."  

So let the journey begin we would be honored to bring your memory to lite. Also, we encourage unique requests beyond baby teeth. If you have a lucky 4-leaf cloer or a loved ones ashes we would be delighted to capture it for you.
 Please inquire about custom creation or design.

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After Purchase Instructions

Please carefully pack your item before shipping.

 Packaging:  All items need to be charmed are to be mailed in a well protected puncture proof container. Within that packate items are to be enclosed in an envelope sealed and folded to protect inside. All items are to be labeled with name and phone number. 

 Mail Items to:

True Impressions Inc.

15 Bald Hill Rd

Douglas, MA 01516