Keep Your Head in the Game and Your Teeth in Your Head with True Mouthguards Custom-Fit Sports Mouthguards

According to the Massachusetts Dental Society, Athletes are 60x more likely to suffer a mouth injury when not wearing a mouthguard!

Custom mouthguards are as important to today’s athletes as their helmet and other protective gear. Recent studies have concluded that athletes wearing mouthguards were less likely to sustain an injury, and significantly less likely to sustain a dental injury. Dental injuries can be devastating, both physically and financially.


True Mouthguards are custom-fit to the athletes teeth with a dental mold and are created with multiple layers of laminate EVA material under high heat to ensure proper fit and thickness. The snug fit around teeth and mouth allow athletes to breath and talk freely while still being able to compete at their best. Custom-fit True Mouthguards have a perfect fit so they stay in place and provide optimum protection. Learn More


Custom fit mouthguards are perfect for many sports.


Full contact sports: 

Football * Hockey * Lacrosse * Field Hockey * Basketball * Soccer* Boxing * Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) * Martial Arts * Wrestling * Rugby * Hurling * Roller Derby * Ultimate Frisbee 


Limited contact sports: 

Softbal * Baseball * Cycling * Gymnastics * Cheerleading* Skiing Skateboarding* Volleyball* Motocross* Weight lifting * Tennis * Mountain Biking


True Mouthguards Custom Fit

True Mouthguards
  • Oxygen Intake: Clear airways for maximum performance and endurance

  • Speech: Allowing clear communication on the field

  • Comfort: Natural and secure fit that will not hurt sensetive gums

  • Protection: Multiple layers of special material for maximum protection

  • Professional Fit: Custom made for your mouth