Wall of Trust

Through the past years we have been gaining the support and trust of different community organizations and groups.  We are proud of these connections and value their faith and satisfaction in our products.

  • A well designed, tightly fitting, comfortable mouthguard allows an athlete to breathe and communicate easily, which can improve performance.

  • A mouthguard that fits well and stays in place provides less of a distraction and allows an athlete to focus on the game.

  • Custom fit mouthguards are able to stay in place during play, reducing player distraction

  • One mouthguard can be used for multiple sports

  • With proper care, the mouthguard can be used for more than a year

Cristin Sabatino


True Impressions, Inc


Over the years I witnessed many severe traumatic mouth injuries due to improper fitting mouthguards or no mouthguards at all. All of these injuries could have been minimized if the proper protection was in place.  As the owner and founder of True Impressions, Inc. and TrueMouthguards, my goal is to educate on the need for custom fit sports mouthguards and to provide them at an affordable price. I strive to provide a high quality product with 100% customer satisfaction, to make an everlasting impression.


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